Ken Singh


Ken Singh

Logistics Expert

Personal Profile

Born in rural village of De-Hoop in Guyana, Ken grew up as a farm boy planting rice, coconut, vegetables. His humility and communal sense of values were nurtured here. As a farmer, discipline, hardwork and responsible behavior were mandatory characteristics. Caring, sharing and helping neighbors just came naturally as a way of life.

Ken’s education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from University of Guyana and another 2 degrees in Finance and Economics from York University. His Professional degrees include The Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation CITT and MCIT. Ken worked & studied extensively; did some 30 courses with British Airways in Scotland and London, U.K. He studied Cargo, Liability and other Insurance programs in Scotland. He did Project Management
in the USA, Sales and Marketing and many more training courses at Canadian Institutions.

Mr. Ken Singh immigrated to Canada in 1976. Coming from Guyana with dream of working in the Travel Industry, he soon discovered that in spite of his wealth of knowledge combined with the experience and training from British Airways, he could not find employment in the field. In retrospect, he looks back at the 70’s in Canada as periods of “trials and tribulations”. Ken entered the Logistics world at Livingston/Border Brokers for 9 years, where he entered into the field as a Clerk and eventually promoted to the role of International Development Manager.

In 1986, Ken plunged into the world of Entrepreneurship and started Atlas Cargo which is today a globally successfully and respected logistics house. Ken’s endearing personality, uncompromised service standards, customer centric, and innovative approach gives him a competitive edge in a very fast-paced changing industry.
As such, Atlas is now a substantial and key player in the Global Logistics Industry. Atlas owns and occupies several very spacious offices and warehouses in Canada + USA. Standing still is not an option for Ken’s high standards. Building but moreso maintaining relationships is a high priority for him.

To build a Global Business requires extensive traveling locally and internationally to negotiate and formalize contracts; promote business development and more importantly add the personal flavor of knowing his ‘clients & partners’. Having to make many International trips a year became a daunting task, so in 1997, Ken pioneered the setup of Cargo Partners Network [CPN] – a Global Network with knowledgeable and similar personalities around the round. Today, CPN is in more than 100 countries with 4200 staff, sales of 5.5 billion USD, shipping over 1 million containers and 68 million kg of airfreight globally; meeting annually in one location in a different country each year to build strength, security and safety in all business activities.

In 1999 Ken recognized the need to provide “Value added Customer Service” so he established Canadian Customs Brokers [CCB] enabling Canada wide customs services to compliment Atlas’ services enabling efficient “door to door” services.

Ken believes that “Business being a segment of the community ought to work hand in hand with the community in times of need. Business owners should offer their skill and resources to help young professionals and community organizations prosper”. For these reasons, and for over 30 years, Ken supports many charitable projects locally and globally. He has contributed to the CPPS, a large Catholic Mission Project in Tanzania, that continues to provide education, healthcare, and clean water in that region. Ken has done many projects with World Vision, Samaritans Purse, Bosnian Children Foundation, Code Global educational efforts in Africa and South America, the Chinese Heritage and Cultural Centre and the Independent Order of Solomon, Mate and many more……. Ken through Atlas Cargo is amongst the first to respond when a global disaster strikes and is ready and available to lead supporting teams. Many other social, religious and charitable organizations are all beneficiaries of his global and financial outreach.

Ken has personally done many projects in Sudan, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, South Sudan, Uganda, Cameroon, West Africa, and many other African countries. Over the years, Ken has spent much time on Industry related speaking engagements at the University of Toronto; York University; George Brown, Humber College and Sir Sanford Fleming Colleges; and many other events around the world for the last 21 years hosting an annual Freight Conference Gloablly.

Ken takes his civic responsibility seriously, and does not hesitate to “get involved”. He has served as an advisor for many institutions and on Boards including Indio Canada Chamber of Commerce, York University, Brampton Civic Hospital, The Humber River Hospital and Beneplan Insurance.

Ken’s family is an integral part of his business life in many ways. His wife, Jessie, has been an equal part in Ken’s business activities since 1991. Ken met Jessie at University of Guyana in 1972; migrated to Canada in August of 1977; worked at the Royal Bank of Canada with 19 years continuous service. By 1991, Jessie made a difficult decision to quit the Royal Bank to care for their children – Darren, Justin, Shaun and Stacey, but being the career minded person she is, it was not too long before she plunged herself into Atlas Cargo overseeing Operations, Fianance,
Administration and Human Resource.

Atlas offered the flexibility of time combining work and family life together. Jessie devoted the time to monitor and assist with the development of their children education.
Darren, a York Graduate in Business and Economics is an integral and active part of the business
overseeing Pharmaceutical Logistics, Air/Sea Cargo Security, Regulations and Compliance at Atlas. Darren has attained several professional certificates in the Customs and Transportation field, including CIFF; IATA; FIATA; PFF; & CSC – Certified Customs Specialist.
The rest of the children have focused towards their own dreams in other disciplines.

Justin, a Medical Doctor, hopes to make a difference in patient care. Justin is married to Sherry, a Chiropractor and they have an adorable young child – Jacob Kanhai Singh.
Shaun, a Schulich graduate, has completed his J.D [Law] from the University of Ottawa now married to Tanya, also a Schulich graduate with an MBA in Marketing, with a new grandson, Noah Thomas Singh.
Stacey, ‘the apple of Ken’s eye’ and his only daughter, a graduate of York/Schulich University, and an MBA graduate from Brock University with a successful career in Project Management and Media Marketing.
Jessie and Ken are very proud of their children accomplishments and a far greater joy comes from their 2 grandchildren with whom they are totally immersed.

It is no doubt that Ken is a very compassionate and generous man who can be relied on and counted upon to support any cause that serve the less fortunate. He understands and embraces social responsibilities as fundamental aspect of his purpose; He is a man of grace born out of his own struggles in life. Ken is a good son, brother, a proud and supportive father, husband, caring & loving grandfather. His love for his family, his business
His farming mentality is still dominant in his life. Yes, he owns farms and his large acreages of illustrious trees and flowers are a testament to his arboristic pursuits. Ken spends his weekends tending his wide variety of trees, including Fruit trees and overall landscaping. His pleasure and pride comes from picking cherries, plums, peaches, apples, pears, nectarines from the trees he has planted.

Ken has achieved many goals as a distinguished and successful business man; as well as a caring person who has deep consideration for family, relative, friends and associates. His willingness to go the extra mile is clearly exemplified in his business ethics as well as his personal life.